The security and entry systems in multiple dwelling residences are key factors in tenant interest and retention. Apple Security Solutions works with building management to design access systems that not only meet the safety needs of tenants, but also complement the design aesthetics of the building. To ensure a comprehensive security program, Apple Security Solutions maximizes the building, fire, and environmental alarm systems.

Keeping your tenants and their valuables safe is a priority. Apple Security Solutions can customize your building access to meet your security needs and budget. We start by evaluating the CCTV requirements, identifying appropriate camera equipment, location and management-review tools.

Access to a multiple dwelling building is complex. Apple Security Solutions understands your need to control entry of tenants and appropriate people, while allowing capability to limit access. Our state-of-the-art intercom solutions can be customized so that your tenants enjoy optimum door communication. Our aesthetically appealing intercom selection ranges from video, to audio, to complete door stations that enable your entrance area to become a control center. You can even track and monitor who enters the building with remote or on-site DVR administration.

Apple Security Solutions works with building management to implement fire protection, environmental safety and building alarm systems that ensure tenant security. We work to maximize your building value by reducing potential hazards with boiler and water alarms. Then, to reduce your administration expenses, we provide comprehensive monitoring of your building from our Monitoring Center.